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Drug Abuse in Scripture

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The Bible and Drugs


The Bible and Drugs


According to Scripture

Many believe that drug abuse is not specifically mentioned in the Bible

Not True

According to Scripture the ancient world had, at least concerning Nineveh and Babylon in the world term, a Sex and Drugs industry which would have rivalled our own. Reference in the original Scriptures is frequently made to the

φάρμακα phármaka or ‘drug enchantments’

of, for example, in the Greek LXX, of the Old Testament Queen Jezebel. In the Hebrew, the כשף kashãphim, or magical plant ‘off-cuttings’. (KJV ‘witchcrafts’) which, according to the extra-Biblical Book of Enoch was taught to mankind by the Fallen Angels of Genesis Chapter 6

Consequentially Drug Abuse in Scripture is inextricably linked with the


for a

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Drug Abuse in Scripture

(From Whence Hath it Tares?’)

which would fully explain the concept of ‘drugs and charms’ (the Greek φαρμακεία pharmakeia) and the subsequent addictions which, according  to the Apocalyptic Revelation of Saint John are eventually to effect the whole of mankind. This is explicit only in the underlying Greek and Hebrew of the Bible and the seemingly forgotten teachings of the Early Church.

To rediscover the original concept and teaching of

Drug Abuse according to Scripture and other Early Christian Literature



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